Whaleshark SCUBA DIVING @KohTaoThailand  www.simplelifedivers.com

Diving Simple Life Koh Tao -

Whaleshark SCUBA DIVING @KohTaoThailand www.simplelifedivers.com

Whaleshark at GreenRock


So the guys at Simple Life, Koh Tao Went for a Fun Dive at Green Rock this morning and saw this beauty of a Whale Shark !!!! #WHALESHARK #SCUBA #THAILAND 20/10/2018

If you would like to learn how to Dive on a Paradise Island like no other, exploring the underwater world with your nearest and dearest, travelers budget or not, the Simple Life crew are the most fun, welcoming family there is. You'll be sure to feel at home with this fun team of professionals.

With courses ranging from a try Discover Scuba Diving with your pals or maybe you'd even like to step it up a level with the 4 day open water to get you started on your underwater journey in Paradise, Simple Life, as a 5 star instructor development center run courses all the way up to master scuba diver trainer plus Tons of specialities including Deep, Wreck, Nitrox, DPV also Technical Diving for those who like that little bit more. Also running the Divemaster internships taking anywhere upto 8 weeks (entirely upto you how fast you do it) you get to really get involved with living the local life and getting to feel apart of this stunning Island. Dont miss out on a once in a lifetime experience and get in touch!!! 


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