Ultra White 3D Teeth Whitening Strips - Professional Dental Tooth Whitener for a Dazzling Smile | 14 Pairs for Advanced Whitening Results

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Get ready to dazzle with our advanced 3D Teeth Bleaching Ultra White Routine Whitening Strips! Designed for professional results, these strips are perfect for tackling a range of tooth discoloration issues. Whether your teeth are affected by coffee, tobacco, sauce, tea, or other food stains, our whitening strips have got you covered.

Say goodbye to intrinsic tooth discoloration caused by mild fluorosis or tetracycline staining. Our strips are also great for genetically yellow teeth or any other causes of teeth discoloration. We believe everyone deserves a whiter and brighter smile!

Featuring a no-slip grip, our strips stay securely in place until you're ready to remove them. With our whitening strips, you can talk, smile, and even drink water while effortlessly enhancing your teeth. The strip molds perfectly to the shape of your teeth, ensuring even and effective whitening. Plus, when it's time to take them off, the strips come off cleanly and easily.

Achieving a beautiful, whiter smile has never been easier. Just follow these easy steps: peel the Whitestrips from the backing, apply them firmly to the surface of your teeth, and let them work their magic. Within no time, you'll reveal a noticeably whiter smile that will leave everyone in awe.

- Color: White
- Quantity: 14 Pairs of Strips
- Net Weight: 27g

Package includes:
- 28 x 3D Advanced Whitening Strips

Don't miss out on this opportunity to transform your smile! Try our 3D Advanced Whitening Strips and experience the captivating power of a whiter smile today.