Compact Bivy Sack Emergency Survival Sleeping Bag - Waterproof Reusable Blanket for Camping, Hiking, and Disaster Relief

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Be prepared for any emergency situation with our Compact Bivy Sack Emergency Survival Sleeping Bag. This waterproof and reusable sleeping bag is a must-have for your survival gear collection.

Made from durable mylar material, this emergency blanket provides reliable protection against the elements. It comes in three versatile colors - Orange, Green, and Camouflage Green - to suit your preference and needs.

The Orange size opens up to dimensions of 210cm x 90cm (82 x 36in), while both the Camouflage and Green sizes open up to 200cm x 120cm (79 x 47in). This ensures ample room for you to comfortably fit inside the sleeping bag.

Weighing only 120g (0.265lbs), this sleeping bag is lightweight and easy to carry. It is suitable for various outdoor activities such as camping, hiking, and travel. It can also be used for disaster relief purposes.

Stay prepared and protected with our emergency waterproof sleeping bag. It is designed to provide warmth and shelter when you need it most. Don't leave home without this essential survival gear. Order yours today and be ready for any situation that comes your way.