Outdoor Life Bivy Emergency Sleeping Bag - Thermal Mylar Survival Gear for Camping and Disaster Relief

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Stay prepared for emergencies with our Outdoor Life Bivy Emergency Sleeping Bag. This thermal mylar sleeping bag is a must-have for your survival gear collection.

Made from durable mylar material, this emergency blanket provides essential insulation and protection from the elements. It comes in three color options: orange, green, and camouflage green.

The orange sleeping bag measures 210cm x 90cm (82 x 36in) when opened, while both the green and camouflage options measure 200cm x 120cm (79 x 47in).

This lightweight sleeping bag weighs only 120g (0.265lbs), making it easy to carry in your backpack or emergency kit.

Ideal for camping, hiking, travel, and disaster relief, this emergency sleeping bag is designed to keep you warm and dry in various outdoor situations.

Be prepared for any situation with our emergency waterproof sleeping bag. Add it to your survival gear and ensure your safety and comfort during unexpected emergencies. Order yours today and be ready for any outdoor adventure or emergency situation.